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About Us

Vermont’s health insurance rate review is the responsibility of the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB). The GMCB was created by the Vermont Legislature in 2011 and is an independent group of five Vermonters who, with their staff, are charged with ensuring that changes in the health system improve quality while stabilizing costs. 

Nominated by a broad-based committee and appointed by the Governor, the Board includes:

  • Owen Foster, J.D., Chair
  • Jessica A. Holmes, Ph.D.
  • Robin Lunge, J.D., MHCDS
  • Thom Walsh, Ph.D., MS, MSPT
  • David Murman, M.D.

For more information on Board members, see their bios.

The GMCB regulates not only health insurance rates, but also hospital budgets, the Accountable Care Organizaiton (ACO), OneCare Vermont, and major hospital expenditures. The Board also innovates, testing new ways to pay for and deliver health care as part of its role in building a new system. Finally, the board evaluates innovation projects, proposals for what benefits should be included in Vermont’s new health system, proposals for funding the new system, and the effect of the new system on Vermont’s economy.